This core project develops and evaluates Scala benchmarks. Many of them are ultimately accepted for inclusion in the Scala benchmark suite. Of these, most are meant for actual performance evaluation. A few, however, serve auxiliary purposes, e.g., to serve as a stable baseline to compare the other benchmarks against.

Pre‐Release Benchmarks

The following benchmarks are pre‐releases and are generally available for research.

Benchmark Description
actors Trading sample with Scala and Akka actors
apparat Framework to optimize ABC, SWC, and SWF files
factorie Toolkit for deployable probabilistic modeling
kiama Library for language processing
scalac Compiler for the Scala 2 language
scaladoc Scala documentation tool
scalap Scala classfile decoder
scalariform Code formatter for Scala
scalatest Testing toolkit for Scala and Java programmers
scalaxb XML data‐binding tool
specs Behaviour‐driven design framework
tmt Stanford Topic Modeling Toolbox

The following benchmarks are pre‐releases and may be helpful in conducting research. However, they are themselves not suitable for performance characterization.

Benchmark Description
dummy A dummy benchmark doing nothing

Benchmark Graveyard

No benchmarks have been deprecated yet.